ShotTrack VoD 305 Monitor

The ShotTrack VoD 305 monitor collects data via a time-domain reflectometer (TDR) system. The TDR system runs pulses down a standard coaxial cable and back to the unit, measuring the amount of time for a pulse to return to the system and allowing for direct measurement of the VoD. The ShotTrack VoD is calibrated to the coaxial cable being used and does not require annual calibration for the monitoring unit. The system can also measure multiple holes on a VoD trace. The results of the trace will show the consistency of the explosive mixture over the entire hole and identify any areas of problematic explosive product. Overall, the monitor gives an accurate picture of how the explosives and detonator systems are performing.

The ShotTrack VoD 305 features a sample rate of under 4uS and a nominal resolution of 90 picoseconds. Housed in a compact, IP67-rated case, the single-button operation, GPS-synchronized timestamp, and long-range Bluetooth technology put the VoD 305 in a class of its own.