Advancing Water Quality Modeling for the San Antonio River Authority

2015 - ongoing
San Antonio, Texas
San Antonio River Authority

RESPEC has used the Hydrologic Simulation Program Fortran (HSPF) model for more than four decades, successfully implementing it across various regions in the United States. Our team’s extensive experience with HSPF applications has been instrumental in supporting the water quality modeling initiatives of the SARA in multiple watersheds, including Salado and Leon Creek, Upper San Antonio River, Medina River, and Cibolo Creek. 

RESPEC thoroughly examines the existing models, establishes the model setup, and determines the coordination of workflows and initial parameters, ensuring a solid foundation for accurate water quality modeling. We meticulously review the input data and assist in collecting and compiling any additional data required, guaranteeing the availability of comprehensive and reliable information for modeling efforts. RESPEC also helps identify and define the boundaries of subbasins, which is essential for accurate water quality modeling. 

Our experts provide valuable assistance in setting up the model, defining performance goals, and implementing calibration procedures for accuracy and reliability, verifying that the model accurately represents real-world conditions and produces reliable results. We thoroughly review model calibrations to assess model reasonableness and accuracy, helping identify any discrepancies or areas for improvement. RESPEC handles external peer reviews and assists in responding to comments and feedback, guaranteeing that all concerns are addressed promptly and effectively.