America West Potash

Evaluating historical data on potash permits and designing an exploration strategy for resource definition.

2009 – 2013
Holbrook Basin, NE Arizona
US Department of Energy

The project morphed from developing an exploration strategy and historical potash resource estimation to a jointly authored, comprehensive prefeasibility study. Our team of geologists and drilling engineers planned, developed, and managed multiple drill programs. Massive amounts of historical and newly acquired drilling and geological data were compiled into a database, and the final data were entered into a three-dimensional Vulcan model where a mineral resource was completed.

Our geologists were on site for all of the drilling activities and were responsible for logging and sampling the potash core. Our drilling team was responsible for verifying and tracking the drilling costs on behalf of the client and ensuring that all drilling operations proceeded efficiently and safely.


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Image for Potash Resource Estimation

Potash Resource Estimation North America