Atka Clinic and Evacuation Center

Atka, Alaska
Northform Architecture

In the face of pressing healthcare needs and the unique challenges presented by Akta Island’s remote location, RESPEC has successfully delivered a multifaceted design-build project comprising a health clinic and a versatile quarantine shelter that also functions as a community space. This initiative is a testament to our proficiency in providing tailored solutions that address the community’s immediate and long-term requirements, even under the stringent conditions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our comprehensive scope of work included structural, civil survey, fire protection, geotechnical, mechanical, and electrical design services, culminating in the creation of a 1,980-square-foot health clinic and a 1,200-square-foot quarantine shelter. The project embraced modular construction to surmount the logistical hurdles of the ultra-remote setting, with the design team engaging in a collaborative process with the community to ensure a harmonious balance between their aspirations and the budgetary framework. The modules, featuring a robust steel floor frame and transitioning to light-framed wood shear walls and roof framing, were optimized for factory construction to minimize on-site work while maximizing long-term functionality and space efficiency.

Our approach was characterized by a strategic partnership with a design-build contractor and an inclusive dialogue with the island’s inhabitants, employing modular construction methods to navigate the project’s remote nature. We ensured that the design process was efficient and inclusive, with community leaders remaining integrally involved in key decisions despite the communication barriers posed by the pandemic. This project not only delivered essential healthcare infrastructure but also provided a multipurpose facility that enhances the community’s resilience and quality of life, showcasing RESPEC’s unwavering commitment to delivering community-centric solutions that are both efficient and sustainable, even in the most challenging of environments.