Bartlett Regional Hospital CT and Medical Surgery Wing Renovation

Juneau, Alaska
Bartlett Regional Hospital

The first phase of the CT and Medical Surgery Wing Renovation at Bartlett Regional Hospital consisted of renovating the existing file room for a smaller backup computerized tomography (CT) scanner. Work included removal of the existing high-density compact mobile file storage system; selective demolition; installation of lead-lined walls and doors and lead glass relites; new control and equipment rooms; new casework; new finishes as required; new electrical power and lighting; new medical gases; new communications and data; cable TV; nurse call; a fire alarm; and security cameras.

The second phase consisted of removing the existing Philips CT scanner and related equipment and installing a new Siemens CT scanner and related equipment. The following changes will be made:

• Power Distribution: The existing branch panels, A and B, will be removed and disconnected from the distribution panel in the main electrical room. New branch circuits will be routed from panels installed in the third-floor electrical room, which have circuit space designated for the renovation of the CT and Medical Surgery Wing.
• Patient Rooms: Headwall and receptacle features will be similar to those installed in the rooms along the south and north corridors. Receptacles for laptop computers may be installed in the area normally occupied by guests. Additional circuiting was installed in the rooms to facilitate additional equipment, as required, which is powered from the Critical Branch emergency source.
• Solarium: Receptacles will be installed around the room with approximately 10-foot spacing. Additional receptacles will be installed for a TV and other desired equipment.
• Conference Room: Receptacles will be installed around the room with 8- to 12-foot spacing. Additional receptacles will be installed for equipment, a TV, and a ceiling-mounted projector, with a floor receptacle in the center of the room.
• Offices: Double receptacles are located on each wall.
• Storage: Receptacles are located on each wall in spaces most likely to be accessible.
• Provided emergency power (Equipment Branch) for the Omnicom equipment.
• Receptacles are located at approximately 40-foot spacing for cleaning. Additional receptacles are provided for the nutrition station and other desired equipment.
• Receptacles located in the ceilings at each end of corridors at strategic locations for wireless transceivers.
• HVAC: Power for ventilation, air conditioning, and controls will be circuited from panels located in the Penthouse Z1. Control equipment will be provided as needed.
• Emergency Power: Receptacles and equipment are connected to the Critical Branch, Equipment Branch, and Life Safety Branch in a manner similar to that used for the previous Medical Surgery project. The installation will be in accordance with NFPA Health Care Facilities Code 99.