Blast Design and Optimization

Durkee, Oregon
Ash Grove Cement, a CRH Company

The scope of this project consisted of RESPEC designing an updated mine plan for the operation after a recent acquisition. After completing the updated mine plan, RESPEC worked closely with the site mining engineer and blaster to help coordinate blasting operations and follow the updated mine plan while accounting for highly variable geology.

Many challenges were also encountered and addressed regarding the site culture around blasting. Blast operations had been conducted the same way for many years without additional training or any changes being made. RESPEC helped train the onsite personnel and develop best blasting practices at the site.

Operational improvements were made by training of personnel and developing best blasting practices for the site. Blasting software, including drones, and instrumentation were utilized in assisting with improving blasting performance. The improvements resulted in optimized blast operations, improved mine plan sequencing, and an improved relationship with the cement plant.