Blast Incident Investigations

RESPEC was contracted by several different clients to perform a post-blast review of a flyrock, blast damage claim.

July 2021 – July 2023
Canada and the United States

RESPEC has completed a number of blast incident investigations as subject matter experts and as an independent third party for various confidential clients. Some examples of RESPEC’s work completing blast incident investigations are listed below.

  • RESPEC performed a post-blast review and analysis of a flyrock incident at a rock quarry to determine the root cause of the incident.
  • RESPEC performed a post-blast review of blast claims on a residential structure, including a post-blast inspection and review of relative blast reports and seismograph data to determine the potential for damage related to blast effects.
  • RESPEC performed an in-depth review of blasting operations on a construction site for an arbitration trial.
  • RESPEC performed a post-blast review for a homeowner on a state Department of Transportation (DOT) project.
  • RESPEC performed a post-blast review for a state DOT for claims of structural damage from blasting on a road construction project.