Bringing the Storm Drainage Design Criteria into the Future: RESPEC’s Update for the City of Greeley

Greeley, Colorado
City of Greeley, Colorado

In response to a quickly developing community, the City of Greeley contracted with RESPEC to update its Storm Drainage Design Criteria. The update aimed to reflect current engineering standards and regulatory requirements, promote best engineering practices, and encourage innovative and green solutions within the local development community. As part of the update, RESPEC solicited input from City staff and the local development community to inform revisions to the criteria. 

The City’s construction specifications, currently embedded within their design criteria, were also extracted and developed into new construction specifications. RESPEC worked closely with City staff to ensure that the updated criteria fit well with the City’s other design guidance, code, and current review and approval processes. RESPEC’s comprehensive update of the City of Greeley’s Storm Drainage Design Criteria and development of new construction specifications pave the way for sustainable and efficient solutions while ensuring compliance for the community.