Crown Point Maintenance Facility

Seward, Alaska
Alaska Department of Transportation & Public Facilities

The Crown Point Maintenance facility was constructed in 2014 to service road maintenance vehicles near Seward, Alaska. The structure is an 8,400-square-foot, premanufactured, metal building comprising three maintenance bays, an accessory office, training rooms, and attached boiler and generator spaces. The shop area includes a pull down, movable exhaust system for vehicles and welding; an overhead crane; and a large vehicle lift. The exterior skin of the building consists of low-maintenance, insulated, metal wall and roof panels over steel building frames. This project also included developing the surrounding parcel to incorporate a sand storage pad, drainage pond, and parking area for the building’s users. The design was based on a prototype that was developed by RESPEC for a similar facility in Aniak, Alaska.

The plumbing system comprises well water for the plumbing fixtures and a septic system for the wastewater. A trench drain is provided in the equipment warm storage area and is routed to an above-slab, oil/water separator before proceeding to a below-grade holding tank outside of the building. An air compressor is provided for shop air.

The heating system uses two cast-iron, oil-fired hydronic boilers. The main heating system supplies heat for terminal units and radiant-slab heat exchangers. A secondary system heats the floor slab and provides snowmelt for the concrete aprons that are outside of the overhead doors.

The ventilation system includes supply air provided by a make-up air-handling unit for the equipment warm storage area and a heat-recovery ventilator for the administrative area. Each building area is provided with exhaust air to meet International Building Code, International Fire Code, and National Fire Protection Association requirements to remove contaminated air. A direct digital control system monitors and controls the heat and ventilation.

The electrical generator provides complete power to the facility and includes in-line load bank installation for periodical and annual testing within a space-restricted area. Exterior LED lighting that contains light trespass into adjacent properties is provided for security personnel, the parking areas, fueling station, and sand storage area.