Enhancing Efficiency with Improved SOP Software

New Mexico
New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance

The New Mexico Office of Superintendent of Insurance (OSI) is excited to use their newly improved Service of Process (SOP) software created by RESPEC’s New Mexico office. The OSI is a self-funded agency responsible for carrying out legal action against insurance companies in New Mexico. To do this, the agency used spreadsheets to track its progress. However, this approach consumed many working hours and sometimes resulted in services being performed without payment. The OSI determined that 20 percent of SOPs were carried out without payment.

In hopes of finding a more efficient solution, the OSI hired a software vendor to design and create an SOP processing application. However, the vendor failed to fulfill their promises, leaving the OSI with more problems. The OSI then hired RESPEC to take on the project and meet its needs.

“We analyzed the vendor’s code base and made improvements to keep the project on track, rather than starting from scratch and making the project longer,” says lead tech developer Justin Muskopf. “They appreciated our honest opinion, which created a foundation of trust. From there, they recognized RESPEC as the experts they needed.”

RESPEC implemented several new features that have greatly benefitted the OSI. Now, the agency can electronically serve insurance companies, eliminating the need for certified mail in many cases. The system can also detect when electronic acceptance is not possible and alert the user to fall back on certified mail. The new system prevents the forwarding of SOPs to insurance companies until the OSI has received payment—a critical improvement and feature for the self-funded agency.

Although this project may have been smaller than other RESPEC projects, the team is glad to significantly impact those working at the OSI.

“We knew from the start we were working on something special,” says Justin. “While the project may have been small, this new system saves the OSI several hours per day and makes their jobs easier. Delivering such tangible benefits is the true impact RESPEC aims to provide for its clients.”