Environmental Liability Assessment

Minero Peru

The Environmental Assessment of the four production units of Minero Peru was conducted by current employees of Respec when working for a predecessor company. The goals were to: Identify the processes being undertaken in order to determine the sources of pollutants to the air, groundwater and surface water. Wherever possible existing data would be utilized to quantify the level of pollution. No site monitoring or testing was to be undertaken.

Review the occupational health, public health and safety concerns directly related to the review sites.

Provide recommendations for the alleviation of the identified pollutant sources and also to recommend monitoring/management programs that should be introduced to quantify the pollutant loadings.

Develop an outline of the capital and operating costs required to bring the pollutant loadings to the targeted standards over an agreed period. Present US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulatory requirements were utilized to assess each operation. A target was established for full compliance with these air and water standards within 10 years. Very few environmental constraints are in place in Peru at present, therefore the majority of the remediation work was recommended for completion in the first 5 years. With regard to air pollution problems, EPA is amending its current regulations to further restrict SO2 emissions from non-power producing industries.