Exploration Well


RESPEC managed the drilling of a 1,200-meter exploration well that was completed with VWPs in 2020. We provided full-procurement drilling services for the Nutrien drilling program near Lanigan, Saskatchewan. RESPEC designed the drilling program to ensure that all Nutrien’s data collection requirements were met while maintaining cost efficiency.

RESPEC obtained the drilling license, completed the site survey, and coordinated the surface preparation. Our personnel solicited bids for all of the services and provided an Authorization for Expenditure (AFE) cost estimate for budgeting purposes. We procured and managed the subcontractors that were required for the well drilling, and the invoices were paid on behalf of Nutrien during the drilling process. RESPEC was also responsible for tracking the costs and schedule.

During the drilling program, RESPEC obtained 99 meters of core from the Dawson Bay and Prairie Evaporite Formations. We achieved 98 percent recovery and the mud program that was designed provided intact core that was suitable for assay testing. Geophysical logging and drill stem testing data were acquired and provided valuable subsurface information for Nutrien. Finally, 16 VWPs were installed, and all of the VWPs were working at the project’s conclusion.

While following strict COVID-19 protocols, no safety and environmental incidents occurred during this project. RESPEC provided all of the services while remaining under the initial purchase order amount by 0.2 percent. The schedule was achieved, and the project was closed out before the end of 2020.