Fiale Geothermal Exploration

Djbouti City, Djbouti Republic

Dan Hoyer provided project management of the Djibouti exploration project at the Fiale geothermal field in east Africa. The project aimed to assess the commercial viability of the geothermal resource in Fiale Caldera within the Lake Assal region. Dan and his team developed a geologic prognosis and drilling targets; designed the civil works, including road and pad locations; and provided the exploratory well design, drilling program, casing, wellhead, and downhole equipment design.

Before implementing the project, Dan led a team to develop an Environmental Social Management Plan and held stakeholder outreach meetings that included local ministers and the Djibouti City Prefect. The results and mitigation measures were presented to stakeholders in three languages sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries and the Ministry of Energy and Water.

Because each funding agency required unique procurement procedures, four procurement packages were developed and implemented. These packages included civil works (local bid, African Development Bank), steel materials (international bid, French Development Bank), a drilling contractor (international bid, World Bank), and construction of a 60-person camp (local bid, National Fund). In addition to managing the contracts, Dan’s team provided daily in-country drilling support, including the project manager, drillsite supervisor, and wellsite geologist. Dan’s team completed well- and reservoir-testing services on three successfully drilled wells and is finalizing a feasibility report and technical equity investment package. In collaboration with the transaction team, Dan’s team will find an equity investor.

2. Drilling Exploration
3. Feasibility Study