Fiale Geothermal Exploration

Djbouti City, Djbouti Republic

The Fiale geothermal field exploration project in Djibouti’s Lake Assal region focused on determining the feasibility of the geothermal resources. RESPEC’s team conducted a geological analysis, established drilling targets, and designed infrastructure, including access routes and well pads. They also oversaw the well design and drilling activities.

Before construction began, the team formulated an Environmental Social Management Plan and held stakeholder outreach meetings that included local ministers and a prefect of Djibouti City. The results and mitigation measures were presented to stakeholders in three languages and sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Fisheries as well as the Ministry of Energy and Water.

Four procurement packages were developed to align with the distinct requirements of various funding bodies, covering civil works, steel procurement, drilling contracts, and camp construction. The team managed contract administration and drilling operations successfully tested three wells and is currently finalizing a feasibility study and investment package, with the aim of attracting an equity investor through the transaction team’s efforts.

2. Drilling Exploration
3. Feasibility Study