Flowing Ahead: RESPEC’s Innovative Update of Steamboat Springs’ Drainage Criteria

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
City of Steamboat Springs, Colorado

RESPEC prepared the update for the Chapter 5 – Drainage Criteria portion of the City of Steamboat Springs (the City) Engineering Standards. The City specifically requested that RESPEC review precipitation/frequency data for a selection of design storms and time/intensity/frequency curves. They also asked RESPEC to prepare uniform rainfall/runoff analysis requirements, develop standard details for stormwater facilities, provide standard stormwater specifications, and provide recommendations for analyzing, designing, and implementing construction and post-construction stormwater quality best management practices. 

RESPEC led several review meetings, during which various criteria sections were discussed and revised. One of the unique standard details developed for these criteria was a ditch check drop that could be installed along the steep roadways in the City’s developed areas. Through this project, RESPEC ensured the safety and efficiency of the City’s storm drainage systems and promoted best engineering practices within the local development community.