FMATS Non-Motorized Transportation Plan

Fairbanks, Alaska
Kittelson and Associates

RESPEC led the public involvement, developed a non-motorized facilities design toolkit, inventoried existing conditions, and created a GIS database for a plan to guide improvements to non-motorized transportation facilities throughout the Fairbanks/North Pole, Alaska area. Public involvement efforts included organizing two public open houses, facilitating four advisory group meetings, and leading two design subcommittee meetings. The design toolkit is a document for area planners, officials, and engineers to use as a reference when developing non-motorized facilities, tailored to the unique conditions of the Fairbanks area. Additionally, RESPEC analyzed and assessed bicycle and pedestrian corridors according to several criteria, including public input, safety, socioeconomics, benefit-cost, facility redundancy, and suitability to determine level of service. The resulting list of projects and implementation plan was used by local agencies to develop capital improvement projects.