Full Service Exploration Support


RESPEC has extensive experience in taking projects from concept to production. Many of the potash projects in Sakatchewan, including the BHP Jansen Mine and the K+S potash solution mine, have RESPEC’s fingerprint on them in some capacity. Our team of geologists has worked on the exploration wells to outline the deposit and estimate the resource and reserve tonnages for technical reports. RESPEC has worked with CanPacific Potash since 2016, providing significant support for development of their potash asset in Saskatchewan. This work has expanded from a grassroots exploration project to a pre-feasibility-level project. Currently, we are working with a team of engineers toward a development decision using an innovative drilling-and-completion design.

Our team has provided CanPacific geology, drilling, and engineering services to assist with the field exploration and geology and provide highly specialized engineering services for creating a functional and realistic KCl Brine Production Scheduling tool. In the fall of 2021, our drilling team drilled and completed the disposal well that they will use for their pilot test in the first half of 2022.