Mokai, New Zealand
Tuaropaki Power Company

Dr. Dan Hoyer led a feasibility study to supply approximately 100 MWt to a greenhouse next to the 205 MWe Mokai Power Station, built in 1999 as a 55 MW geothermal power station and later expanded by 40 MW in 2005. In 2007, the plant capacity was increased to 110 MW. The Tuaropaki Power Company, which owns the power station, is 75 percent owned by the Tuaropaki Trust and 25 percent by Mighty River Power (renamed Mercury). In collaboration with PB Power (now Thordon Cook) and Gourmet Mokai staff, Dan’s team performed a feasibility study with co-production and system management with the Mokai power plant, resource production facility, and well field. The study confirmed the commercial viability of the project. A cascade system was used, allowing the operation of the new facility without additional wells. The Gourmet Mokai Board approved the project, and Dan managed the budget and contractors to install the geothermally heated greenhouse, geothermal piping, instrumentation, and commissioning, as well as leading the startup.

4. Well Drilling, Resource Production, and Power Plant and Transmission Line Construction
5. Start-up and Operation