Hoonah Indian Association Childcare Facility

Hoonah, Alaska
Hoonah Indian Association

Embarking on a transformative project, RESPEC is repurposing an existing bunkhouse in Hoonah into a childcare facility that honors cultural heritage while embracing modern efficiency. This initiative reflects our commitment to meeting the community’s needs for a nurturing educational environment and our ability to innovate within budgetary constraints. 

Our comprehensive scope of work as the Prime Consultant and Project Manager involves all engineering disciplines to ensure a seamless renovation that includes four main classrooms and a spacious gathering room. RESPEC’s design philosophy marries state-of-the-art functionality with a deep respect for Hoonah’s traditions, integrating bio-polar ionization technology into the heat recovery ventilation system to foster a healthy atmosphere for the youth and staff. In collaboration with community leaders, the design intricately weaves the themes of the T’akdeintaan, Wooshkeetaan, Chookaneidí, and Kaagwaantaan clans into each classroom, while the gathering room will serve as a canvas showcasing the broader community’s heritage. 

Our approach is hands-on and culturally attuned, working closely with local decision-makers to ensure the facility meets the latest health standards and resonates with the community’s identity. The successful renovation, which includes the innovative integration of bio-polar ionization, stands as a testament to our ability to deliver design excellence that is both health-conscious and culturally significant, all achieved within the unique challenges of a limited budget.