Hoonah Wastewater Treatment Process Plant

Hoonah, Alaska
City of Hoonah

In response to the City of Hoonah’s urgent need to manage wastewater effectively, RESPEC was commissioned to design enhancements to double the treatment plant’s capacity, ensuring it could handle 0.25 million gallons per day and meet the community’s needs for the next two decades. This project illustrates our capacity to innovate and deliver robust solutions that cater to the critical infrastructure demands of remote environments.

The comprehensive scope of work entailed designing and implementing an Evoqua Sequencing Batch Reactor activated sludge system and expanding the existing facility to accommodate a CanTex package treatment system, which maintained operations during construction. The CanTex tank’s repurposing as an equalization basin and chlorine contact chamber exemplifies our commitment to resourcefulness and sustainability. RESPEC’s involvement extended from the initial contract formation through construction administration, ensuring a seamless and supportive partnership with the City.