Increasing the City of Castroville's Wastewater Treatment Plant's Quality and Capacity

2016 – 2018
Castroville, Texas
City of Castroville, Texas

The City of Castroville faced a significant challenge with its Wastewater Treatment Plant: the plant had reached maximum capacity and could only handle land application for treatment. Recognizing the situation’s urgency, the City of Castroville decided to undertake a Wastewater Treatment Plant Capacity Expansion project. This initiative aimed to enhance the facility’s capacity to effectively manage a permitted average daily flow of 0.9 million gallons per day (MGD) and a 2-hour peak flow of 2.7 MGD. 

This expansion project encompassed several critical components. Notably, it sought to maintain the reuse of treated water for irrigation purposes while enabling the discharge of treated wastewater into the Medina River. This approach allowed for continuous and adaptable beneficial wastewater reuse, which supports irrigation needs and environmental flows to the river. 

RESPEC was indispensable as the resident project representative, working closely with the City of Castroville to guarantee the project’s successful delivery. As a trusted partner, RESPEC provided invaluable assistance with the project lifecycle. To facilitate efficient project management, RESPEC employed the Construction Manager at Risk delivery method to ensure a streamlined and accountable approach. The project also received loan funding from the Texas Water Development Board. 

Despite weather delays and owner-initiated changes, the project was completed in 2019. The effort was accomplished well within the allocated budget of $10 million, which included loan funding from the Texas Water Development Board. This achievement is a testament to the dedication and expertise of the RESPEC team and the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders involved. 

Successfully completing this project profoundly impacted Castroville. With the expanded Wastewater Treatment Plant capacity, the city can now effectively process more wastewater. This outcome is of paramount importance for the continued growth and development of Castroville, ensuring the city’s infrastructure can support its evolving needs.