Indian Health Service Integrated Data Collection System

Improving integrated data collection system capabilities through the agile development process

2006 - Present
Albuquerque-based support
Indian Health Services

Working with the Indian Health Service (IHS), RESPEC continues to improve the Integrated Data Collection System (IDCS), its related dashboards, and additional capabilities through the Agile development process.  Our system solution simplifies complex needs by using clinical data from the National Data Warehouse (NDW)  and aggregating data for Congressional and Office of Management and Budget (OMB) reporting on IHS performance measurements,  all of which contribute to budgeting requirements and improving patient care.

Collaborating with the National Patient Information Reporting System (NPIRS), RESPEC’s new “mix and match” ad-hoc capability allows users to easily answer questions regarding critical  but previously unrelated data with a few drag-and-drop steps.  Because the combination of questions is almost limitless, reports are now more detailed, which results in a better knowledge base that contributes significantly to new Health and Human Services Patient Quality Initiatives.

RESPEC is proud to design and implement innovations that increase business intelligence.  Our successful solution for the IHS makes information even more useful for both the national program offices and the local, individual medical facilities.