Project Details

Creating an inventory of water and land resources within a Wyoming watershed.

Client: Wyoming Water Development Commission
Time Span: 2012 - 2014
Location: Middle North Platte Watershed, Wyoming

The Middle North Platte Watershed Study was a comprehensive evaluation and an initial inventory of the water and land resources within the study area. The Level I watershed study provided important information that the Natrona County Conservation District (NCCD) (local sponsor) and the Wyoming Water Development Commission (WWDC) (funding sponsor) could use in developing water resources and implementing conservation practices that address water and land-resource concerns within the study area. The watershed study included in-depth descriptions about needed water development projects that could provide economic, ecological, and social benefits to the state of Wyoming and its citizens.

This Level I watershed study included reviewing previously conducted work regarding the natural resources within the study area, which was contained in several databases, studies, and reports. Additionally, the information that was reviewed and determined to be relevant to the study’s purpose was compiled into a “digital library” and a GIS database. The compiled information, along with the data collected or generated during the study effort in cooperation with study participants and partners, were used to generate conceptual alternative water development projects.

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