Mine Planning and Software Training

South Dakota
L.G. Everist

RESPEC began work with L. G. Everist in August 2020, providing mine planning services and software training to L. G. Everist’s mine planning manager. L. G. Everist was working on updating the long-term mine plan for the East Sioux Quarry, specifically to address improved pit ramps and a future drainage feature realignment while accounting for dipping strata and potential impacts of the advancing pit on neighboring properties. After conducting initial collaboration sessions with L. G. Everist personnel, an ultimate pit design and production schedule were developed. Throughout this process, it was determined that the current rate of extraction for the intermediate bench of non-key material was insufficient and if operations continued at the current rate a significant bottleneck would result. A detailed production schedule was provided to L. G. Everist specifying volumes to be mined from each bench to ensure mining operations were coordinated to meet production requirements.

In addition, RESPEC is also performing blast vibration analysis for each of the closest structures and providing L. G. Everist with complete reports detailing the findings. RESPEC has been able to assist the client with blast vibration monitoring, addressing vibration complaints, and determining the need for future monitoring at additional locations.

Finally, RESPEC is currently designing the updated profile, cross-sections, and construction constraints associated with the drainage feature realignment.