Minnesota Solar Suitability

Retooling a Minnesota solar suitability app so that users can view the solar potential of their properties.

2015 - 2016
St. Paul, Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Commerce

RESPEC worked with the University of Minnesota (University of MN), Minnesota Department of Commerce, and Minnesota Geospatial Information Office (MnGEO) to retool the solar suitability app that is hosted at the University of MN. The primary users of the application are Minnesota residents who are interested in the solar potential of their property and the solar installers that serve these consumers. Secondary users include local governments, schools, and other public entities.

To support continued and reliable use, RESPEC updated the user interface, expanded reporting capabilities, and performed several back-end changes using Bootstrap, Dojo/ArcGIS JavaScript API, and ArcGIS Server. RESPEC worked with relevant staff at MN.IT for computer infrastructure to port the application from servers at the University of MN that host the application.

The retooled solar suitability app resulted in creating a smooth and responsive user experience.
Learn more at: https://solar.maps.umn.edu/app/