Moose Creek Water Expansion

North Pole, Alaska
City of North Pole/USAF

RESPEC created this fast-tracked design to expand North Pole, Alaska’s water system after wells in the nearby community of Moose Creek became contaminated with polyfluoroalkyl substances, threatening residents’ safety. We completed the design in just 11 months and the permitting in 15 months. We developed existing conditions, determined ROWs, increased the capacity of the city wells and water treatment system, constructed a new pumphouse and storage tank, lay approximately 18 miles of transmission and distribution mains, and provided approximately 200 water services. To move forward, this design needed approval from eight government agencies, including the Alaska Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The water mains, pumphouse, and storage were constructed in 2020, and the well upgrades and services installed in 2021. The project won the 2022 ACEC Engineering Excellence Award.