Mosaic – K3 Exploration and Pilot Hole Drilling

Executing a potash shaft pilot hole drilling program for the K3 expansion project.

Southeastern Saskatchewan
Mosaic Company

Mosaic contracted our drilling team to complete seven characterization holes and provide information for placing their mine shafts and subsequent pilot holes near Esterhazy, Saskatchewan. The team designed and executed these wells for characterizing the subsurface conditions and focused on the potash resource and nature of the Dawson Bay Formation in the area. Data collection was the primary purpose for drilling the wells and included geophysical logging, drill-stem testing, and coring. Our geologists ensured that all of the collected data were of the highest quality so that critical decisions of where to locate the shafts could be made.

After the data were analyzed and locations were chosen, a budget, schedule, and drilling program were developed to execute two pilot holes. The two pilot holes were cored from surface to the total depth of the well. Throughout the drilling, the well could not deviate more than 2 meters from the well’s center, which added another technical challenge to the well. Drill-stem tests were completed over targeted zones to evaluate the hydrogeology in the area, and all well information was compiled using the Interactive Well Interface (IWI).