Nevis and St. Vincent Geothermal Exploration

Nevis, Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, Caribbean Islands

Dr. Dan Hoyer managed the due diligence process for an investor interested in a geothermal project, which included the following:

– Dan provided a comprehensive review of various aspects related to the Nevis project, including the slim hole well test, geologic model, resource report, well design, cost estimates and drilling contract, resource production and power generation Engineering, Procurement, and Construction bids, Power Purchase Agreement, transmission interconnection studies and agreement, concession agreement, leases, well test plan and contract, incorporation documents, insurance and operating agreements and operations proforma. He also recommended the owners drill an additional slim hole to better understand the resource and support the design of the production and power plant systems. After designing the program and procuring the drilling contractor’s equipment and services, the investor decided not to invest. However, the owner received additional funding from the Nevis Government and implemented the program, and the project continues to progress.

– Dan conducted a paper review of the “data room” for the St. Vincent Geothermal project, which included impedance, magneto telluric, transient electromagnetic, gravity, resistivity map, cross-sections and report, remote sensing report, geology model, drilling targets and locations, well design, literature, resource evaluation and model, geochemistry, evaluation of the infrastructure, electric demand and forecast, civil engineering survey, environmental and social considerations, and business plan. His paper review involved meticulously analyzing each element to comprehensively evaluate the project’s viability.

7. Due Diligence