Nga Awa Purua Geothermal Power Plant

Rotokawa, New Zealand

The Nga Awa Purua Project’s process design was expertly executed, which entailed developing critical engineering diagrams and economic analyses during a 25-year lifecycle and considering various operational scenarios. The procurement phase for the EPC contract, valued at $210 million, involved meticulous bid evaluation and negotiation as well as securing approval from the MRP board members, followed by diligent construction oversight to safeguard the owner’s interests. Budget management was crucial while supervising a $60 million drilling program and establishing annual capital and maintenance budgets amounting to $25 million. This project also included a strategic hiring initiative, resulting in a diverse team of 40 professionals. The project’s culmination saw the successful transition of the resource production and power generation system to Mercury Energy, with startup, commissioning, and operations effectively managed. Management and operating contracts, which exceeded $6 million per year, were also negotiated, and implemented, ensuring long-term operational efficiency and reliability.

3. Feasibility Study
4. Well Drilling, Resource Production, and Power Plant and Transmission Line Construction
5. Start-up and Operation