North Post Lateral Replacement

Fort Wainwright, Alaska
Doyon, Limited

RESPEC was the prime consultant for the North Post Lateral Replacement project at Fort Wainwright, Alaska, and provided civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineering design services as well as land surveying. This project included completely removing and replacing approximately 1,400 linear feet of steam-, condensate-, water-, and sewer-service laterals that served ten buildings located in North Town. Connections to distribution mains located within utilidor vaults or directly buried were involved in this project, in addition to connections to building services within mechanical rooms. The work included installing anchors; pipe guides; expansion joints; drip legs; pipe; valves; cleanouts; and other fittings, devices, and appurtenances necessary for a complete and operable system. The existing service lateral pipe was replaced with the same nominal-size pipe. The utilidor work also required asbestos abatement.