Nuiqsut Wastewater Treatment-Septage Receiving Facility

Nuiqsut, Alaska

In Nuiqsut Village, the pressing need to modernize wastewater treatment and address water pollution led to the development of a septage receiving facility (SRF), replacing inadequate “honey-bucket service” and septic holding facilities. Funded by Oil-Search Alaska, this project represents a significant environmental and public health advancement for the community. 

The scope of work for this project included the design and construction of the SRF, the decommissioning of open lagoons, and the integration of structural engineering, process design, and instrumentation and controls (I&C) to ensure a robust and automated wastewater treatment solution. RESPEC’s role was pivotal, providing technical expertise in Arctic conditions, I&C design for adaptable controls, and a deep understanding of the wastewater treatment and operation requirements specific to the Inupiat population. The team’s engagement included cultural training and direct interaction with local Inupiat operations staff to tailor the project to the community’s unique needs. 

Our approach involved innovative problem-solving and close collaboration with local stakeholders. Despite the existing building size and layout constraints, the team successfully designed a versatile single-pump system to perform multiple functions, optimizing the limited space available. This adaptability and the subsequent enhancements to the influent screening process underscore our commitment to delivering efficient and culturally sensitive infrastructure solutions.