Nunavut Geothermal Development

Baker Lake, Nunavut, Canada
Qulliq Energy Corporation

RESPEC is currently drilling a geothermal-resource characterization well in the Canadian Shield granitic rock in Baker Lake, Nunavut, to support potential future deep geothermal system development or shallow thermal energy storage. One of the few boreholes drilled in the granitic rocks was used to collect temperature-gradient data and core samples for thermal property testing. In 2018, RESPEC completed a Phase 1 regional geothermal-resource assessment for Qulliq Energy Corporation (QEC) in Nunavut. The study aimed to create a geothermal-feasibility map for Nunavut and guide QEC on next steps of geothermal use in the northern, isolated communities. The study included data integration from available well, spring, geology, and geophysical data to develop geothermal-resource maps of Nunavut. RESPEC worked with local communities and First Nations to help gather additional data.

RESPEC is assisting QEC in Phase 2 of the geothermal-resource characterization and development in Nunavut, which is targeting three specific communities: Baker Lake, Resolute Bay, and Cambridge Bay. We are working with community leaders on geothermal knowledge development. RESPEC is managing the drilling program currently underway. In addition to traditional geothermal, RESPEC will be conducting a borehole thermal energy storage pilot project at Baker Lake to support a district heating system. This will be a first of its kind in Canada’s far northern communities.

1. Preliminary Reconnaissance and Surface Exploration
2. Drilling Exploration
3. Feasibility Study