Pilgrim Hot Springs

Pilgrim Hot Springs, Alaska

For the Pilgrim Hot Springs project, Kawerak, Inc.’s Environmental Program engaged RESPEC to craft a comprehensive site master plan on behalf of Unaatuq, LLC, addressing the need for sustainable development while ensuring accessibility and environmental compliance. This initiative underscores our commitment to blending modern engineering solutions with respect for cultural and environmental sensitivities.

Over an 18-month period, our multidisciplinary team is tasked with delivering an all-encompassing master plan that includes facility access assessments, ADA-compliance evaluations, schematic designs for the site’s layout, water supply and distribution, wastewater collection and disposal systems, alongside detailed cost estimations. Supplementing these efforts, RESPEC and its subconsultants are conducting aerial surveys, geotechnical reports, economic and restoration planning studies, and an environmental overview that encompasses wetland delineation, hazardous waste assessments, and baseline environmental research for National Environmental Policy Act approval, coupled with extensive shareholder and public outreach.

Our approach is deeply collaborative, leveraging the extensive expertise within our team in civil engineering, surveying, geotechnical analysis, planning, cultural resource management, and environmental assessments. This expertise is instrumental in navigating the project’s complexities, from sanitation system designs adapted to cold climate conditions to ensuring the master plan aligns with regulatory standards and the community’s aspirations. Successes in developing a comprehensive Existing Conditions Report and effective communication with Unaatuq LLC’s Board through presentations and planning sessions exemplify our proactive, inclusive methodology.