Potash and Langbeinite Resource and Reserve

New Mexico and Utah
Intrepid Potash

Since Intrepid Potash Inc. went public on the NYSE in 2008, current RESPEC personnel (formerly with Agapito Associates, Inc.) worked closely with Intrepid to independently verify and report their potash reserves under Guide 7 and now report Resources and Reserves under S-K 1300 rules to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Intrepid has an active mechanical Langbeinite mine and is solution mining from idled underground potash mines in New Mexico. In Utah, potash is produced from brines contained in shallow aquifers and from flooded old works and horizontal caverns. Solar evaporation is used in New Mexico and Utah to concentrate the solution mining brines. Mechanically mined reserves were developed by applying a detailed mine plan using resource models developed from extensive drilling and channel samples and reconciled with extraction data for the mechanical mines. The solution mines were modeled using drill and channel sample data and historic mine maps with a flood elevation model. Work for Intrepid also includes geomechanical evaluations, prefeasibility, and ventilation studies.