RESPEC Minimizes Costs While Developing Effective Subsurface Drainage System

New Mexico

Large amounts of groundwater underneath the YES Housing Sunset Hills assisted care facility in Gallup, New Mexico, threatened the nonprofit corporation’s plan to add new sidewalks on the premises. The RESPEC team solved this problem by implementing an innovative drainage solution that allowed for construction of the sidewalks while removing the threat of pavement degradation from the groundwater.

RESPEC created a subsurface drainage system that alleviated the groundwater by moving it away from the site before it had a chance to surface beneath the asphalt and cause damage. Even though the system was not in the original plans, RESPEC made the addition without exceeding the client’s previously outlined budget.

RESPEC engineers intensely studied the site to ensure that the system worked properly, and the final implementation proved successful despite the budget constraints.

RESPEC also provided construction management for the paving of the sidewalk. Because the project included federal funding, RESPEC was subject to the US Department of Agriculture construction project documentation standards. These standards required hundreds of additional hours for extensive project management documentation, which the RESPEC team completed while still keeping focus on the task at hand.

YES Housing contracted RESPEC in 2016. The company provides community development for affordable housing and social services projects across New Mexico and Arizona. RESPEC has completed the sidewalk project, and it is now being used with no signs of degradation at the Sunset Hills assisted care facility.