RESPEC Provides Construction Management on More Than 450 Lots for Residential Developer

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Real Capital Solutions

RESPEC controlled all of the daily responsibilities while managing multiple land-development projects at the Trails residential area for Real Capital Solutions (RCS) in Albuquerque, New Mexico. RESPEC helped improve the 450 lots so RCS could sell them to interested builders.

Along with day-to-day construction needs, RESPEC handled the documentation demands, including land acquisitions, negotiating purchase and sales agreements, representing RCS at public entitlement hearings, bidding and negotiating construction contracts, and preparing land-development construction contracts.

“It is very difficult to find people who can manage land development properly,” said former RCS Project Manager Brian Mulqueen. “RESPEC has provided development services in a manner that is greatly appreciated by myself and RCS, and has been very professional, timely, and expert to the subject.”

RESPEC was also responsible for overseeing the consulting engineers and managing the project budget for RCS. The specific projects included Taos at the Trails Units 1 and 2, Tierra Vista at the Trails Units 1 and 2, Tierra Vista 3, and Taos 2 at the Trails.