Revitalizing Boulder County’s Storm Drainage Criteria Manual: RESPEC’s Comprehensive Update

Boulder, Colorado
County of Boulder, Colorado

Boulder County’s 1984 Storm Drainage Criteria Manual, partially authored by RESPEC, was in dire need of an update. In 2016, RESPEC took charge of this task, updating the manual’s original criteria and preparing several new criteria sections and topics. Significant revisions included new criteria for permanent stormwater quality facility BMPs for construction water quality management and a new section to address environmental and regulatory permitting. Additional criteria were developed to address the ecological design of natural stream systems with bioengineering techniques and to address private roadway crossings of major streams in light of the 2013 flood events in Boulder County. 

RESPEC led several criteria development and review meetings with Boulder County staff, representing the various county departments that use and reference the criteria document. With this project, RESPEC provided Boulder County with valuable guidance and resources, ensuring the safety and efficiency of their storm drainage systems.