Sanctuary Pointe Tank and Booster Pump Station

Monument, Colorado
Triview Metropolitan District

Continued growth along the Front Range mountains has required many systems to increase in capacity and storage, as well as created a need for all new pumping systems. The Triview Metropolitan District tasked RESPEC with the design of a new 1.1 MG water storage tank and booster pump station to serve expansion within the District.

The work included master planning, hydraulic analysis, permitting, design and construction management of a 1.1 MG AWWA D110 Pre-Stressed Concrete Tank and 0.75 MGD Booster Pump Station. The Booster Station design included superstructure, piping, control narrative, and pumping system for the upper pressure zone. Other work items included the design and construction management for the 12” water transmission main that provides water to the new tank.

The tank, located specifically for maximum hydraulic capability, provided a challenge during construction due to the limited site space. RESPEC was able to coordinate two contractors during the construction phase. The tank and booster pump station went online April 2017.

Budget: $2.6 Million