Project Details

Developing a consumer-based product with substantial geospatial-analysis components.

Client: Source Water Watch
Time Span: 2014 - Present
Location: Dallas, Texas

Source Water Watch provides a simple platform to better manage water quality risks near drilling activity. With this app, users can map their water source, identify their location, and determine their Public Water System (PWS) risk level. The app will also send real-time alerts about threats to the user’s water supply. The app allows users to submit a water sample request for testing in water quality laboratories. The RESPEC team met with the client to determine the specific application requirements and then developed a website design and determined the usability for the intended users. The RESPEC team also created the capability for event notifications with automatic email alerts and an administrative area to manage users, lists, inputs, and events. By working through various manual sketches of a user interface and then presenting functional wireframe mockups to the client, RESPEC successfully created a very clean design for the web application that was easy to use.