Surface Mine Slope Stability Analysis

Lhoist North America

Providing comprehensive field and analytical services.

RESPEC provided comprehensive field and analytical services to assist Lhoist North America in defining safe operating conditions of a quarry wall under dragline loads. The purpose of the project was to evaluate what, if any, load conditions on the highwall slope could create instability, considering both the presence of natural karst features and the variability of dragline loads.

One of the most unique aspects of this project was the complex and variable ground conditions at site: numerous and extensive karst features comprising clay- and sand-filled voids are present at the site and had to be assessed and modeled in relationship to a continuously advancing submerged vertical highwall. Conducting safe mining operations was highly dependent on RESPEC’s analysis, and we were able to define specific safe operating parameters using our unique combination of field services, rock testing, and numerical modeling expertise.