Idaho Systems Integration

Developing an online data management system for retrieving historical and archival data that also supports a reporting and analysis system.

Boise, Idaho
Idaho Transportation Department

In response to the state of Idaho’s need to conveniently store and retrieve the large amount of data from the Idaho Transportation Department (ITD) Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), RESPEC staff developed the Collaborative Online Archival Library (COAL). COAL is a data warehouse that was developed as a record source for all historical and archival information pertaining to the ITD/DMV. COAL has since evolved into a comprehensive master data management system and online reporting and analysis system that integrates with multiple systems within the state of Idaho. COAL provides the majority of the business’s enterprise functionality in support of the ITD/DMV modernization project. Idaho also needed a one-customer/one-record enterprise customer framework, which RESPEC staff architected and implemented.

When Idaho decided to build a new modernized system on its own, RESPEC staff was asked to assist in modernization planning and architecture. We also provided Agile methodology training, coaching, and implementation and are currently providing on-site staff augmentation support to the modernization project.