Updating Major Drainageway Plan for Henderson Creek Watershed

2018 - 2024
Adams County, Colorado
Mile High Flood District

The Henderson Creek watershed in Adams County, Colorado, needs an updated major drainageway plan (MDP) because outdated peak flow data and recent developments have rendered the current version inadequate. To address this issue, Mile High Flood District assigned RESPEC with delivering all three phases of the MDP: baseline hydrology, alternative developments, and conceptual design. 

We consolidated previous studies into a unified model to establish the baseline hydrology and determine the peak flow for various return periods. Using these peak discharges, RESPEC identified existing drainageway deficiencies and devised alternative solutions. In 2021, the project sponsors selected a final alternative, and we are currently developing a draft conceptual design report for this chosen solution.  

After completion in 2024, the final MDP will provide the community and regulators with an updated, comprehensive plan for the Henderson Creek watershed that addresses the outdated peak flow data and incorporates recent and future developments. This MDP will enable effective water resource management, improve flood-control measures, and enhance environmental protection within the watershed.