Water Control Information System

Designing, implementing, and operating an information database to manage a magnitude of data from a mine recording system.

1987 - Present
Esterhazy and Saskatchewan, Canada
Mosaic Potash K2 Mine Water Control Group

Mine personnel and recording systems at the Mosaic Potash K2 Mine collect tremendous amounts of data, including water-level measurements in surface wells, water-inflow rates, pumping volumes, and underground geotechnical data.

Before implementing the Water Control Information System (WCIS), numerous stand-alone computers stored the information, which made the data hard to access and interpretation cumbersome. All of the information now resides in a SQL database organized by the RESPEC-designed WCIS for storage, data retrieval, and archiving.

RESPEC continually develops complementary, web-based software that allows mine personnel to enter data and retrieve finished reports routinely.