Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District Regional Water Reclamation Facility

Falcon, Colorado
Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District
    The existing lagoon wastewater treatment facility owned and operated by Woodmen Hills Metropolitan District (WHMD) was determined to be undersized and incapable of meeting upcoming discharge permit regulations. In 2015, WHMD entered into a Compliance Order on Consent (COC) with CDPHE which required WHMD to meet future discharge limits. RESPEC, having already assisted in negotiating the COC, began planning and design of a new treatment facility to meet effluent requirements in a new discharge permit issued by CDPHE. The new facility was designed for a hydraulic capacity of 1.3 MGD. The design consisted of below-grade anaerobic, anoxic, and aerobic basins for biological nutrient removal, two secondary clarifiers, pump room, and two sludge holding tanks – all consisting of approximately 6,000 cubic yards of concrete.

    The facility also includes a 15,000 SF above-grade building that houses a lab, bathrooms, electrical room, blower room, dewatering room, offices, break room, and solids loading area.

    Process equipment for the project includes:
    1. Pumps – RAS, WAS, Internal Recycle, Sludge Feed, Chemical Feed, and Scum Pumps
    2. Blowers & Diffused Air System
    3. Submersible mixers
    4. Flow Control Valves
    5. Dewatering Screw Press and Polymer Feed SystemSolids Loading Conveyors and Distributer

    Budget: $11.8 million