Conducting an exploration program that included drilling 18 test holes on two properties and collecting data for resource evaluation and mine planning.

Southey, Saskatchewan
Yancoal Canada Resources Company Ltd.

In 2011, Yancoal Canada Resources Company Ltd. (YCR) approached RESPEC to conduct a full-scale, exploration program to delineate the resources on their exploration permits (KPs).

RESPEC conducted a property assessment of YCR’s various KPs to determine the most strategic properties to explore. A geological review was completed for all of the properties based on historical data and potash expertise to rank the KPs. RESPEC then recommended which KPs should be targeted for exploration.

An exploration program was designed and recommendations were provided on seismic surveys and drillhole locations to delineate the potash resources on the properties and detect anomalies in the subsurface geology. RESPEC assisted YCR in generating an appropriate budget and schedule for these activities.

From 2012 to 2014, RESPEC coordinated and supervised drilling 18 stratigraphic test holes on two properties. These wells were cored, tested, and logged to collect data for resource evaluation and mine planning. Rock-mechanics and assay samples were selected in the RESPEC laboratory and the core was logged in detail. RESPEC then coordinated the assay testing with the Saskatchewan Research Council. After the assay results were received, a three-dimensional resource model was created in Vulcan and a technical report was prepared for YCR.


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Greenfield Canadian Potash Saskatchewan, Canada