Project Details

Conducting hydrogeologic modeling and providing support for storage caverns in mountainous granite.

Client: Confidential
Time Span: Confidential
Location: Zhuhai, China

Two storage caverns were built in Zhuhai, China, to store butane and propane product. The caverns were developed in a mountainous terrain in a fractured granite. Product confinement in storage caverns was maintained through hydrodynamic containment. RESPEC was involved in conducting hydrogeologic modeling and provided support during the facility’s development. Three-dimensional numerical groundwater models were used to guide the grouting of access tunnels and understand the dewatering process during the facility’s development. Water-curtain galleries were built to ensure the containment of low-vapor pressure products.  The numerical groundwater models were also used to understand the effectiveness of water-curtain designs and any changes to the water-curtain designs that arose while developing the facility.