RESPEC Announces 2019 Award Winners for Innovation, Collaboration, and Inspiration

RESPEC is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 RESPEC Innovation, Collaboration, and Inspiration (I | C  |I) Awards. Presented on an annual basis, these awards are the highest level of recognition that RESPEC bestows on our employees. The Innovation and Inspiration awards are chosen from a field of peer-to-peer nominations. The Collaboration awards are chosen among nominations submitted by our management team. As a lasting keepsake of praiseworthy recognition, each award recipient receives a personalized crystal trophy.

Established in 2010, RESPEC’s I | C| I Awards recognize staff members who consistently demonstrate RESPEC’s core values of passion, accountability, caring and teamwork.

RESPEC Innovation Award: The RESPEC Innovation Award reflects the passion, pride, and commitment of RESPEC professionals in solving challenges for clients through the development of a new practice, product, or service. Innovation may also identify a significant change in a thought process or approach. RESPEC values new kinds of problem-solving and rewards changes in thinking categorized as “incremental,” “emergent,” or “revolutionary.”  Above all, the Innovation category reflects professionals and projects that demonstrate RESPEC’s entrepreneurial spirit.

RESPEC Collaboration Award: The RESPEC Collaboration Award recognizes performance as a true team—working together across divisional, geographical, and technical boundaries in the spirit of reaching common goals, sharing knowledge, and learning and building consensus.  The Collaboration category reflects a professional or team that demonstrates the ability to leverage the breadth and depth of RESPEC’s collective technical expertise and is committed to working collaboratively in the best interests of the client and company.

RESPEC Inspiration Award:  The RESPEC Inspiration Award offers recognition to individuals for providing motivational inspiration to another individual or team to achieve excellence.  The Inspiration category reflects a person who demonstrates exceptional creative and inventive thinking, and through his or her own actions, leads others to the highest level of a special achievement.

2019 RESPEC I | C | I Award, Innovation Honorees:

  • James Balkenbush
  • David Enwere
  • Andrea Worthy
  • Sebastian King

2019 RESPEC I | C | I Award, Collaboration Honorees:

Texas Computer Cooperative team:

  • Philip Heimes
  • David Gallegos
  • Randal Blackmon
  • Andrea Worthy

L. G. Everist and D&I Railroad team:

  • Pete Rausch
  • Michelle Pettit
  • Crystal Hocking
  • Charlie Vandam
  • Matt Slezak
  • Geoff Kramer
  • Morgan Lane
  • Katy Thompson
  • Koby Dobler
  • Ty Berry
  • David Fabre
  • Lee Rosen
  • Russell Persyn

Nebraska Platte River Decision Support System team:

  • Paul Senne
  • Jim Scott
  • Chris Anderson
  • Nathan Davis
  • Clint Myers
  • Tong Zhai
  • Paul Duda
  • Paul Hummel
  • Seth Kenner

Wattsview Oil Spill-Iris Law team:

  • Charlie Vandam
  • Joe Naughton
  • Brent Merritt
  • Mike Raffaldi
  • Stuart Ellsworth
  • Deb Shewfelt
  • Deliang Han
  • Brett Dueck
  • Abi Martin
  • Wally Harildstad

Mile High Web Platform team:

  • Alan Leak
  • Russell Persyn
  • Jim Scott

Corporate IT Services team:

  • Jason Miller
  • Thomas Klock
  • Mike Bowers
  • John May
  • Robert Price
  • Tracy McGrath
  • Austin Greenwalt

Confidental Project team:

  • Jay Nopola
  • Amy DiRienzo
  • Brad Petri
  • Michael Raffaldi
  • Brett Belzer
  • Travis Gibson
  • Patrick Wieck
  • Carey Blanchard
  • Mark Ludwig

2019 RESPEC I | C | I Award, Inspiration Honorees:

  • Anne Winckel
  • John Geilow
  • Rick Draker
  • Jennifer Vilches
  • Nathan Davis
  • Pete Smith

Congratulations to all 2019 RESPEC I | C | I Award recipients.

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