RESPEC Partners with Kentucky’s Carlson Software

Maysville, KY — RESPEC is pleased to announce a new strategic services agreement with Carlson Software, Inc., a global company specializing in CAD design software, field data collection, and machine control products. As Carlson prepares to enter the drilling and blasting industry for the first time, RESPEC will serve in a consultant role to provide the company with expertise in mining as well as software development. Carlson projects that its new venture will bring significant jobs to Maysville, KY, headquarters for Carlson Software, founded in 1983.

RESPEC’s new agreement follows Carlson’s 2017 acquisition of Renishaw’s mining, mapping and modules product lines. Renishaw is an engineering and scientific technology company, with expertise in precision measurement products. Carlson Software invested in a portfolio of high-precision technology, including Renishaw’s spatial laser measurement equipment line for the mining and quarry industry. Carlson’s laser-scanning devices allow operators “to survey previously inaccessible areas and plan future projects in safety, while maximizing productivity,” according to the Carlson website.

Carlson’s purchase marks its first foray into precision mine equipment manufacturing. The acquisition also includes the Quarryman 3D highwall profiler, Boretrak borehole surveying systems, the C-ALS borehole-deployable scanner for inaccessible voids, and the 3D laser Void Scanner.

In addition to hardware manufacturing, Carlson is also developing software for blast design. Because the company is relatively new to the drilling and blasting industry, RESPEC signed on as the global leader in mining expertise, with almost 50 years of experience in drilling and blasting, field instrumentation, and marketing in the drill and blast industry. As a data and information systems expert, RESPEC will also consult on Carlson’s various software packages outside of the drill and blast arena.

RESPEC’s CEO and President Todd J. Kenner, comments, “We are very excited to support Carlson Software as it enters the mining equipment manufacturing and blast design software development arena for the first time.”

The new agreement provides significant business development opportunities for RESPEC. Under the terms of the agreement, Carlson will direct all US-based customer contacts for instrumentation queries, including demonstrations, sales, and information requests, to RESPEC. To enhance Carlson’s marketing, RESPEC has agreed to work with Carlson to create marketing campaigns, conference exhibits and training courses.

Working closely with Carlson Software, RESPEC’s team looks forward to a synergistic relationship that strengthens both companies.

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