Water & Environment

Featuring world-class scientific and academic leadership, RESPEC is the premier provider of water, environmental, and natural resources engineering and technology in North America. With global reach, we help clients adapt to the dynamically changing present and prepare for water demands of the future.

Serving diverse industries including mining, energy, community design, urban development, agricultural, and public-sector clients, RESPEC collaborates with businesses, government agencies, and regional experts who know firsthand an area’s water challenges, environmental issues, and infrastructure needs.  With almost 50 years of watershed modeling experience, RESPEC’s team has delivered more than 1,500 water resource assignments and more than 100 TMDLs.

As water experts with smart technology, RESPEC delivers sustainable water quality and management solutions that protect natural resources. We know that maintaining safe water sources is key to maintaining healthy, thriving communities. RESPEC’s experienced data experts team with our water and environmental specialists to ensure security of water sources and production and combat any cybersecurity threats. Adept at bridging theoretical science and applied solutions, RESPEC has a global reputation of technical excellence in meeting client goals for water, environment, infrastructure, development, mining, energy, and data technology services.