RESPEC Crystal PACT Award Recipients

RESPEC’s most valuable asset is our people. We have created and nurtured a culture that defines who we are and guides what we do. We call it the RESPEC PACT. It highlights our core values and guarantees our commitment to Passion, Accountability, Caring, and Teamwork.

In 2021, RESPEC evolved our companywide Employee Recognition Program to align with the RESPEC PACT. Here are the 2021 recipients of RESPEC’s highest honor – the Crystal PACT Award:

  • Tyler Blue, MS // Engineer // 3 Years with RESPEC // Bozeman, MT
  • Max Frey, CPSM // Senior Marketing Professional // 4 years with RESPEC // Palmer, AK
  • Morgan Lane, MS, MSHA // Staff Engineer // 7 Years with RESPEC // Lexington, KY
  • Natalie Lyon, MUP // Planner // 2 Years with RESPEC // Fairbanks, AK
  • Justin Muskopf // Associate Developer // 4 Years with RESPEC // Richardson, TX

Each one of these employee-owners has gone above and beyond when it comes to demonstrating the values of the RESPEC PACT. Tyler, Max, Morgan, Natalie, and Justin exemplify all the traits. They believe in what they do, who they work with, and what RESPEC delivers. They excel in their responsibilities and hold themselves to high standards for delivering accurate, timely solutions. They demonstrate awareness of others’ needs and offer encouraging words and helping hands. They foster collaboration by seeking feedback and buy-in and showing flexibility. RESPEC is grateful to have Tyler, Max, Morgan, Natalie, and Justin as employee-owners.

A committee of RESPEC’s Office Culture Champions selected them from 10 PACT Award recipients, which stemmed from 46 PACT Award nominations. Recipients were chosen based on how well their nominators specified these employee-owners’ commitments to the RESPEC PACT and the impacts they made on our whole company. To offer a sense of why Tyler, Max, Morgan, Natalie, and Justin were recipients, consider excerpts from their nominators:

“Tyler is the most accommodating and enabling person I have ever worked with. He goes out of his way to teach and help others, at the expense of his own time.” – Matt Johnson, PE, CFM // Project Manager & Senior Engineer

“Max collaborates with teammates on tasks from developing graphics and content to arranging signage – keeping us laughing and integrating our feedback.” – Sarah Reynolds Westin, MFA, MA // Communication Manager & Writer

“Morgan has expanded his role…with enthusiasm and has delivered high-quality deliverables to the clients in a timely manner.” – Stephen Kan, PhD, PE, MBA, PMP // Vice President & Principal Consultant

“Natalie is ready and willing to meet the needs of the project. She asks the important questions, does her research, and takes it a step further by acquiring additional skills.” – Elise Blocker // Community & Regional Planner

“Justin is accountable to his team and his client by providing leadership, mentorship, and overseeing much of the production support efforts.” – Janell Edwards // Principal Consultant

Tyler, Max, Morgan, Natalie, and Justin are the first-ever RESPEC Crystal PACT Award recipients. Please congratulate them and all of RESPEC’s amazing employee-owners! They each make us strong and help us succeed.

Tyler Blue

Max Frey

Morgan Lane

Natalie Lyon

Justin Muskopf


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