The RESPEC Pact - Passion, Accountability, Caring, & Teamwork

At RESPEC, our company culture is defined by our common core values. These core values didn’t happen by accident or develop overnight; they were cultivated by the collective efforts of talented and dedicated people working toward shared goals. We describe our core values as a PACT that exists between our co-workers, families, client partners, and communities. Our PACT represents mutual Passion, Accountability, Caring, and Teamwork, which manifests in every interaction we undertake. With genuine dedication, we strive to be the best at everything we do while remaining true to our values. Our PACT represents the cornerstones of RESPEC and lends itself to a culture of shared successes, collaboration, and enjoyment.

We Walk The Talk.


Our work is our passion, and we work hard. It is our passion for what we do that relentlessly drives us to seek solutions for difficult problems in new and innovative ways. Because we work hard, we play hard too and include our love for our home life outside of work as part of the our passionate pursuits. We want the best for our coworkers, our company, our clients and our project, and it is this desire to continually improve and learn that drives us to grow and fuels our passion.

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Our team is reminded daily of the duty we have to maintain the utmost integrity and moral value, and our dedication to this ideal is a driving force that results in demonstrated trustworthiness. We are accountable to our words and to our actions, and it starts with the simple act of doing what we say we will do. We intentionally cultivate a culture of mutual respect for everyone, which also includes being accountable to the safety of one another and oneself in our work environment.

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We often describe our caring nature as “caring applied” to our families, our coworkers, our partners and our communities and demonstrate dedication through our actions. We enjoy success in our workplace and show our gratitude by giving back, by mentoring and by being invested to make a difference.

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As the proud owners of RESPEC, we work together and collaborate for our collective success. We participate in the vision of our company’s direction and future and understand where we are all going together. This sense of teamwork is extended into our relationships with our partners, who bring a vital element to our team.

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